Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Life in a Small Town

Vacation is zipping along at far too fast a pace.  Wednesday already.  A testament perhaps as to just how well it is being enjoyed.  

The Missus and I immersed ourselves in Lake Como yesterday.  The town. Not the body of water.  We went to Boro Hall shortly after it opened - after having first stopped by recycling - in order to pick up the permit for our front porch, which will be completed by this time next month.  

Last night we went back to Boro Hall for a special workshop that Mayor Wilton and the Boro Council held a special workshop regarding a proposal to change traffic patterns on several of our roads in order to address the perpetually frustrating problem of the significantly greater number of cars that are in town on summer weekends.  Margaret and I opted to do what we deemed was prudent,  which was to listen to the statements of our fellow residents without offering comment.  The comments were interesting - although there were a number of them with which I did not necessarily agree.  The process itself was interesting.  I am appreciative of the fact that Mayor Wilton and the Council allowed their fellow residents (a/k/a their constituents) an unlimited amount of time to express our points of view.  

Go on vacation, learn something anyway.  Not a bad gig.  Not a bad gig at all.  


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