Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Slice of Life

I took part in one of my favorite rites of summer last night.  For the seventh consecutive year, I ran (along with Gidg, Arnie, and a few thousand other sweaty lunatics) in the Downtown Westfield 5K & Pizza Extravaganza.  The 2016 Edition was the 15th Annual such get-together.  

It was, as it almost always is, stiflingly hot and humid conditions in which to run.  Better yet, it was - as it always is - one hell of a fun evening.  It is a remarkably well-attended event each year.  Once again, last night, enthusiastic crowds lined the course - including but not limited to the homestretch on Elm Street.  All things considered, I drove home last night from the race quite satisfied with my effort and the result it produced

It is my fervent hope that the good people responsible for this event's presence on the calendar continue to put it on for at least as long as I am able to participate in it.  They do excellent work for which I - and I would presume all of my fellow participants - am grateful beyond my ability to express.  


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