Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Winner of the Battle of Wounded Knee

It was one year ago, today, my father-in-law did something that I was against him doing:  he underwent total knee replacement surgery.  My objection to him undergoing the procedure.  At the time he was eighty-two years old.  Moreover his pain threshold is not exceptionally high.  I had serious reservations about whether he would commit himself to the post-operative therapy process, which is strenuous, tiring, and very, very painful.  

I am happy to reflect back - twelve months later - on just how wrong I was.  There were some rough days - as there always are when someone undergoes a process of rehabilitation from major orthopedic surgery.  But Joe never stopped working hard.  He never stopped listening to his doctors and to his rehab therapists.  And today, one year later, all of that hard work has paid off.  A life he thought had been forever taken away from him has returned.  

Well done Guiseppe.  Well done indeed.  


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