Monday, June 27, 2016

The Sea of Tranquility

I cannot remember precisely how he worded it - and George Carlin was such a genius with language that I do not want to guess at what it was he said for fear of not doing justice to his words - but I found myself spending hours on Sunday thinking of what Carlin said about humankind's relentlessly inane pursuit of "stuff".  

Margaret and I got up onto the beach before 9:00 AM and spent our day less than fifty feet from the water.  Shortly after we arrived, a little boy (maybe four or five years old) plopped down in the surf about twenty feet in front of us with his dad and a red plastic bucket.  For the next several hours, son and father worked together building sand castles.  They were so close to the surf that every fifteen minutes or so whatever work they had completed was washed away.  And neither of them cared.  The little boy laughed and laughed and his father never tired of starting anew on their oceanside construction project.  

Sunshine, patience, and a plastic bucket that was likely purchased for less than ten dollars.   All the ingredients needed to provide a little boy with an unforgettable day.   If George Carlin had been on the beach yesterday, I suspect he would have been grinning ear-to-ear.  

Him and me both.  


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