Thursday, June 16, 2016

Little Anthony Has Nothing On Me

Remember the TV spot for Prince Spaghetti from forty years ago?

Little Anthony has nothing on me.   Sure, he spent his Wednesday afternoon running as fast as he could in order to enjoy a dish of his Mon's spaghetti. Me?  I spent the wee small hours of my Wednesday morning running as hard as I could...all so that I could see sights such as this...

Sun coming up over the Atlantic 
-17th Avenue Beach

...and this...

Belmar Supporting Orlando
- Silver Lake

...and this...

Fishing boat heading north in the ocean
- Shark River Inlet

Sorry, Anthony.  Not only did I get to complete my run wearing far cooler shoes (and ones more appropriate for running than the ones you wore) but, quite frankly, I can eat spaghetti any day of the week - not simply on Wednesday.  


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