Saturday, June 11, 2016

Friday My Way

There are countless things about the practice of law that I like not at all.  However I am forced to confess that earning my living as I do permits me a certain amount of flexibility in terms of "where" I earn my living that would be unavailable to me in any number of other professions.  

I took full advantage of that flexibility again yesterday.  This time I cajoled the Missus into joining Rosalita and me in Lake Como.  We drove down late on Thursday night.  Friday morning I went for a run, we ran some errands, and then spent the day sitting on the beach. Margaret slept while I did the work I had brought with me.  The Firm tagged me for the vacation day I took, which is a bit of a joke in and of itself since I ended up making money for me - and for the Firm - while I was "off".  I care not.  I am lucky enough to work at a firm where I am entitled to more vacation time than I can use.   

Yesterday was my kind of work day.  The type of work day that almost makes law school worthwhile.



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