Sunday, June 5, 2016

All Aboard!

I am a day early, I know, but for that I blame that incorrigible tramp Sadie Hawkins and the quadrennial annoyance that is Leap Year, which always happens to coincide with the Presidential election in these United States, which this time around is a quadrennial annoyance the heights to which Leap Year could never reasonably hope to aspire.  Irrespective of my gun-jumping, I wanted to use this space today to wish my son, Rob, and his beautiful bride, Jessica, the best of luck and love on the second anniversary of their wedding.  

Nothing may stand as greater evidence to me of the relentless rapidity at which time moves than the fact that two years have already passed by since we sat on Bradshaw Beach in Point Pleasant Beach and watched Rob and Jess exchange their wedding vows...except for (perhaps) the fact that exactly nine months earlier we had sat at The Palace in Somerset and watched Suzanne and Ryan exchange their vows.  Two weddings in nine months.  It was a hell of a lot of fun.  

I am my mother's son, which means that I take a decidedly hands-off approach in the parenting of my adult offspring.  Unless and until someone tells me that everything within the four walls of their home is not hunky-dory, I presume that it is - if for no other reason than I expect the rest of the world to operate under the same presumption when it comes to me and my own four walls.  I take on faith that all is well on Colorado's Front Range and I am confident that on this point my faith shall be rewarded. 

It was on this very day - two years ago - that we gathered at The River House in Brielle for the rehearsal dinner.  Conscious of the fact that - present company included - no one likes to hear a lawyer talk, when the Missus instructed me that I was going to be called upon to say a few words at the rehearsal dinner, I strove to make sure that what I said was short on verbiage and long on content. Candidly, two years later, I have no idea whether I hit my mark.  At day's end I suspect that the only person who actually cares whether I did is the fellow whose face stares back at me from the bathroom mirror every morning.  Whether I did or not, I am content in the knowledge that much like my favorite pachyderm, Horton, I said what I meant and I meant what I said...  

...then and now.

The mere thought of the two of you makes me smile. As a father, the thing for which I hoped most of all for Rob was that he would find Peace.  In Jess, he has found Peace.  She has brought it into his day-to-day.  For that, I shall be forever grateful

I love you both very much.  I could not be happier for you or prouder of you than I am.  As the Poet Laureate of Freehold once observed, rather famously in fact, "You'll need a good companion now for this part of the Ride."  Each of you has chosen an exceptional companion. 

May much Love, much Luck and most of all much Peace always travel with You 


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