Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Quarter Of A Century Later...

It is Not a Lack of Love,
But a Lack of Friendship 
That Makes Unhappy Marriages. 
- Friedrich Nietzsche

First things first:  Happy Father's Day to all of my fellow dads out there.  Fatherhood is not the world's easiest gig.  It is, however, among the most rewarding and, much like everything else, it is something from which you extract as much as you give.  Give as much as you can.  After all, this is not a dress rehearsal.  No sense saving yourself for the next go-round.  

But I digress.

June 21, 1991 was a Friday.  I spent it eating dinner at Chan's Garden in Dunellen, a wonderful restaurant that long ago ceded its place on Route 28 to a Ping-Pong Palace, and thereafter, having a couple of drinks at Tumulty's Pub in New Brunswick.  I remember the night and where it was spent as clearly as I do because of the person in whose company I spent it.  It was on that night that Margaret and I went on our first date.

Two years later, almost to the day, Margaret and I got married.  Today is our twenty-third anniversary. While I am not a moron and do in fact possess more than a bare minimum of gray matter (excluding facial hair), I have yet to figure out exactly what the essence of the attraction is from her perspective. Proof of the fact that I am not wholly bereft of intellect is that I know better than to ever ask that question aloud.  

For a human being of few redeeming qualities, I have lived a life most fortunate.  I doubt seriously whether I would be here, today, staring down the barrel of "50" had I not met and fallen in love with my wife half of my lifetime ago.  I doubt even more seriously that I would have had any desire to be here.  

Thanks to her, I cannot envision anywhere I would rather be. 



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