Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Close-Up View of the Life Aquatic

Did you know that The Go-Go's first got together almost four decades ago?  Did you know that this August, they are embarking on a month-long farewell tour?  As someone who thought they had gone away more than thirty-plus years ago, I am compelled to acknowledge that my answer to both of those questions was "No".  In the interest of full disclosure, my lack of knowledge in this particular area is not a source of embarrassment.

But I digress. 

I know not what your travel plans - if any - are for the Summer of '16, the start of which is marked by the Solstice's arrival next week.  Perhaps, you shall spend at least a bit of time away on vacation, which very well may be all you have ever wanted.  If you are not going away this summer - or even if you are - might I suggest that you spend a little bit of time - as often as you can - in St. John, United States Virgin Islands.  My promise to you is that getting there will be considerably less expensive than you could ever have imagined.  

One of my favorite folks, my long-time friend Dave Lackland, calls St. John home.  When one's expertise is in all things marine biological, it makes sense for one to live where the marine biological life is plentiful.  The neat thing for those of us who do not live where Dave lives and who are fascinated by what Dave does is that he has created a window through which we can look in on his day-to-day and see what it is he is up to...including what he has achieved merely while puttering around in his yard...

In case I forgot to mention it, Dave's yard looks nothing like mine - and I would wager nothing like yours either.  Where I have grass, birds, and bunny rabbits, Dave has water, fish, and lemon sharks. Included among them is one who apparently was born in the "Lackland Lemon Nursery" last year and who, this year, has returned to her birthplace to give birth herself.   Two of my favorite things about the video of the expectant mother that Dave has posted for the world to see are (a) the Latin knowledge that he drops; and (b) Mama (or perhaps better said, Expectant Mama) Shark channeling her inner Sean Penn. 

If your interest in St. John and/or in the Virgin Islands is now sufficiently piqued that you want to see the world beyond Dave's front yard, then he can accommodate you too - whether you wish to explore domestically or internationally.   There are any number of banal time-sucks on the Internet (present company included).  The time spent there (here) could be better spent getting a little education and enjoying sights and sounds that will relax you - and likely improve your outlook irrespective of how the rest of your day shall be spent.  I spend a couple of minutes every day watching the "Iguana Dave" channel on YouTube.  I heartily recommend that you do too.  

I have no idea how one says "time well spent" in Latin.  I reckon if I ask Dave, he will tell me. Maybe I will ask him tomorrow. 



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