Sunday, May 8, 2016

Twice Blessed

As someone who is an utterly irredeemable asshole, it is a bit of good fortune to which I have absolutely no right that I have spent close to a half-century on this planet bathed in and blessed by the love of my mother, the indomitable Joanie K.  

I am a man of many faults, the blame for which rests exclusively with the fellow whose gaze meets my own in the bathroom mirror each morning in the wee small hours.  I am also a man who was afforded an opportunity to cobble my limited skills together and to make something for myself in this world, the credit for which rests exclusively with Mom.  Without exception she is the bravest person I have ever known.  She is my hero.

Incredibly, and again without having done a damn thing to deserve it, I have been also had the good fortune to have spent the past quarter-century or so bathed in and blessed by the love of my wife, Margaret, herself an extraordinary woman and mother.  She is my sanity.  She is my peace. 

I am an irredeemable asshole.  I am not a fool.  I know just how lucky I am.  If you are similarly blessed, even if you are not nearly the irredeemable asshole that I am, then never forget to let who have blessed you with such good fortune know just what they mean to you.  Not just today, but every day.  

Happy Mother's Day.




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