Monday, May 2, 2016

The Old Man and the Sea

Yesterday, in utterly despicable conditions, several thousand hardy souls (including yours truly) completed the New Jersey Half Marathon and the New Jersey Marathon.  Gidg conquered the Half and Brooke and I did likewise in the Marathon.  Gun time was 7:30 and as we assembled in the corrals pre-race it started to rain. 

The rain fell lightly at first, just enough to be an annoyance.  It quickly turned much more serious.  By the time we had completed nine miles it was pouring.  And once it started to pour, it continued to pour unabated...except for the brief period of time during which the rain turned to hail. Hail?  In May?  Yes indeed. 

The Blonde Bomber - Brooke - owned the Marathon irrespective of the weather.  I ran with her the first 13.1 miles, which we covered in two hours and four minutes.  She backed that up with another two hour and four minute effort on the race's back half.  A phenomenal race under any circumstances.  An extraordinary effort in view of the conditions in which she ran.  Her maiden voyage at this distance was a smashing success.  I could not be happier for her or prouder of her.

My old bones made it home in slightly less than four hours and forty-five minutes, which I believe actually was about a minute faster than I had run the Marathon, which was run on a day far better-suited to run 26.2 miles than was yesterday.  

I said goodbye to the New Jersey Marathon yesterday.  It was one hell of a farewell.  


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