Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Main Room at Caesar's Palace

Surroundings change, but that's all superficial stuff. 
You go out there with what's inside you;
You close your eyes and you could be anywhere.
So where you are doesn't matter.
- Bruce Springsteen

Today in Boulder, Colorado the Class of 2016 shall be awarded their diplomas.  In 1989, Schneedz and I sat together inside the then-quite dank Events Center on an overcast, somewhat dreary Friday as our class transitioned from being students who relied upon their parents for the money necessary to attend CU to being alumni upon whom CU would begin relying upon - in earnest - for money.  All it took was one quick tassel flip.  Who knew? 

Graduation (or Commencement) is no longer an indoor affair at CU.  These days, the graduates are feted at a ceremony that takes place at Folsom Stadium.  When I last looked at the forecast for Boulder, which I did on Thursday morning, today's weather was predicted to be 59 degrees with a 70% chance of rain and/or thunderstorms.  As far as I know, graduation outdoors at Folsom is a rain-or-shine event.   I offer congratulations to all of my fellow Buffs and their families on the completion of their collegiate journey. I hope one and all have a joyous - and safe - day and that whatever Mother Nature has up her sleeve today, she does not share it with the Boulder area until well after today's ceremony, which starts at 8:30 this morning, has been completed. 

Twenty-seven years ago, I graduated from college with a degree in Political Science, which degree I have used exactly zero times in the twenty-seven years since - not counting the time that I used its as a mini-platform on which I placed a speaker for a long-ago-discarded stereo.  I love CU, I loved the time I spent there and my framed diploma occupies a place of honor on one of the walls in my office - although it does bother me more than a little that when I graduated in 1989, that dinky little twerp, E. Gordon Gee, was the University's President, and therefore was one of the signatories to my diploma. 

If, however, I had to re-do the college experience, I would have majored in something eminently more practical than Political Science.  I chose Poli Sci because I intended to go to law school after college (Spoiler Alert - I adhered to that plan) and I thought that the experience of having to read a considerable amount of material and prepare papers setting out a particular position and then having to defend that position in a well-articulated manner would prepare me for law school, which it did. 

However, as a twenty-two-year-old college graduate who moved home to New Jersey from Colorado in late May, 1989 in search of a job, my Poli Sci degree was of no use whatsoever.  Not even the "So Heavy You Can Drop a Nut" Classified Section of the Sunday New York Times ever contained a single job listing in which the position in search of filling was a political scientist.  

It turns out that Mel Brooks filled the last available opening...


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