Monday, May 23, 2016

The Expenditure of Precious Time...

It was not the most glorious weekend weather-wise at the beach.  Saturday had a gray pallor for most of the day.  When my alarm went off on Sunday morning, beckoning me to head out for my early-morning run, Mother Nature talked me out of it.  It rained steadily until after 8:30, by which time the Missus and I had moved into the "project completion" potion of our morning.  I ended up getting out to run - but not until close to noon.  It was as gray as it had been the day before but at least it had stopped raining.  After coming close to drowning in the New Jersey Marathon a few weeks back, my enthusiasm for running in the rain - never high to begin with - has waned considerably.  

Still, less than perfect weather notwithstanding, I would not have wanted to be anyplace other than where I was.  I was in the place that brings me peace and was with the person on this planet who I love most of all.  

Time well spent, I would say.  


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