Monday, May 16, 2016

Sooner is Better

Whether it was the Mayor's decision alone, a decision of the Mayor and the Town Council, or someone else altogether I know not.  I do know that by whomever it was made, the decision to move the 30th Annual Seafood Festival from its traditional home in June to this past weekend was - for my money - genius.  

Last summer the weekend on which the Festival was held was graced by such extraordinary weather that Belmar was overfilled.   Mayor Doherty had to order the police to prevent people from entering town.  Between the couple of hundred thousand folks who had headed to Belmar for the Festival and the scores of others who had come to enjoy the beach, there was simply no room in which to move.   

Yesterday the Missus and I wandered over to the Festival in the early afternoon.  We enjoyed some delicious food and - in a nice surprise - the company of some good friends.  We were walking around when we happened to bump into Tom and Cindy, who were spending their Saturday afternoon in a manner similar to Margaret and me.  

Not that anyone asked for my opinion - nor do I expect that anyone shall - but I hope that in 2017, the   31st Annual Seafood Festival shall follow in its immediate predecessor's footsteps and occupy a space on the calendar in mid-May.  Sometimes something is so good, it is worth repeating.  For me, this most assuredly qualifies.  


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