Sunday, May 22, 2016

Master Class at the School of Genius

By this time next week, our first official "off-season" as homeowners at the Shore will officially be over.  And truth be told, while I am looking forward to summer days spent sitting on the beach, reading a book and relaxing, there is a part of me that is already looking forward - at least a little bit - to September.  

The uptick in the energy level in and around our little Paradise by the Sea - during the summer - is palpable.  And that energy level, coming as it does accompanied by people spending money in bars, restaurants, and stores, is critically important to a great deal of the men and women who own and operate businesses in this area. 

It is though - for me - the off-season that has me enthusiastically looking forward to the day on which 'NTSG is squarely in my rear-view mirror.  I fully anticipate that the change in latitude shall bring about a change in attitude as well and that anticipation is predicated in large part on how incredibly still and quiet Lake Como is during the off-season.  

As someone who is rarely ever cold, all winter I did not deviate from my custom and practice of walking the three blocks from our house to the 17th Avenue Beach upon my arrival on a Friday night. Far more often than not, there was absolutely no ambient sound - other than the wind and the ocean. None.  That is something to which I grew accustomed very quickly and grew to love with equal alacrity.  

Its time shall come again.  It always does.  Until then, I shall embrace the return of the joyous noise - and hope like Hell that none of it ends up on my front lawn. 


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