Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Having Sworn to Travel Side by Side

I have used this space several times over the course of its life to speak of the virtues of one of the most courageous men I have ever had the pleasure and privilege of knowing, Gabe Hurley.   I have yet to meet - in close to a half-century of occupying space on this particular big blue marble - a person who better exemplifies a fighting spirit.  

Each of us reaches a time - or ten - in our day-to-day when we lament how incredibly unfair life has been to us and far more often than not our lamentation is mere gossamer as we have elevated inconvenience to the level of inequity or some such thing.  Yet a young man who has a bona fide complaint to present to the customer service counter never has and never shall.  

If I live to be one hundred - a milestone that neither you nor I has any interest in seeing me attain I assure you - I doubt that I shall ever be even half the man Gabe is, notwithstanding the fact that I am many, many years his senior.   It does please me immensely, however, to note that this past weekend he did something that enables me to claim something in common with him.  Gabe got married. 

A belated congratulations to one of the finest men I have ever known and to Anna Grace, his bride...

...and a wish that from this day forward their steps forever synchronized, even when they are apart.  

For if love means anything at all, then it means you should never have to walk through this world alone.


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