Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gaining Ground

A bit less than three months ago - when I first had the privilege and the pleasure of being permitted to participate in the 2016 New York City Marathon as a member of Team Stomp The Monster - I promised (OK, threatened) to use this space time and again to keep one and all apprised of how my fundraising effort was progressing.  Today is a day in which I deliver on my promise or - if you prefer - make good on my threat.  

As of today, the generosity of a great many terrific people has enabled me to poke my head past the 50% mark in terms of contributions received.  It is an accomplishment with which I have very little to do.  It is those of you who have dug deep and offered your help to me so that I may in turn offer my help to the good people from Stomp The Monster, Inc. who have had everything in the world to do with it.  

I talk for my living.  I talk too damn much in fact.  Rare is the happening that renders me speechless. This outpouring of extraordinary selflessness has come pretty damn close.  


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