Thursday, May 19, 2016


At least now, this part has been done.  There is never going to be closure.
There's just what's right, and justice has been done for Timmy.
We loved Timmy dearly.

I have no firsthand knowledge of what transpired inside of the courtroom of the Hon. Dennis Nieves, J.S.C. at the Middlesex County Courthouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey, during the trial in the matter of State of New Jersey v. Michelle Lodzinski.  I never set foot inside of Judge Nieves's courtroom during the trial, which means that I did not listen to the testimony of a single witness, I did not see a single trial exhibit, I did not hear a single word of any argument advanced by any of the attorneys, and I did not hear a single ruling that Judge Nieves made.  All I know about the proceedings is what I read, saw, and/or heard through the media.  In all likelihood, you are in the same position as I am. 

Yesterday morning, the jury of seven men and five women returned a verdict of "Guilty" against Ms. Lodzinski.  Seven days short of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the disappearance of five-year-old Timothy Wiltsey, the jury convicted his mother, Michelle Lodzinski, of his murder. The fact that this precious little boy had been murdered had been determined since his skull and other remains were found buried in a marshy area near Raritan Center, which they were slightly less than one year after his mother reported him missing.  There was no mystery surrounding whether he had been murdered.  Rather, the mystery for more than two decades was the identity of his killer.   

9,125 days after Ms. Lodzinski - herself just twenty-three years old at the time - reported Timothy missing, twelve citizens - who had spent eight weeks listening to the evidence during the trial - determined that the State had fulfilled its burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the then-young mother had murdered her little boy.  

Presuming the verdict withstands the anticipated appeal, Ms. Lodzinski could receive a life sentence when Judge Nieves sentences her on August 23.  She is now forty-eight years old and the mother of two sons, the older of whom is eighteen and the younger of whom is fourteen.    

One horrible, unconscionable act.  Its first victim was claimed a quarter-century ago.  Yesterday morning, it claimed at least two more victims.  Our job as a parent demands that we be willing to lay down our life for that of our child. It is a job for which it appears that Ms. Lodzinski has been pathologically ill-suited.  

Not once, but thrice. 


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