Saturday, May 28, 2016

5 and 40 / 40 and 5

Essex-Sussex House in Spring Lake 
(October 24, 2015)

There are not a great many certainties in this life but here is one:  This morning there shall be several thousand more people stationed in front of the Essex-Sussex House in Spring Lake than were there on the overcast Saturday morning in October when I took this photo during my morning run.  On a Saturday morning in late October, Ocean Avenue in front of the Essex-Sussex House is not the place to be seen in Spring Lake.  However, on the Saturday morning  of Memorial Day weekend in May, it is most certainly a happening piece of real estate - being located as it is approximately a few hundred feet beyond the finish line of the Spring Lake Five.

This morning, my running companera Gidg, my law partner Arnold Gerst, and my long-time (and too damn fast for me to keep up with) friend Jerry Della Torre and I shall enjoy the company of approximately 10,000 souls and approximately 20,000 soles in the 40th Annual Spring Lake Five Mile Run.   It is as fun and as good a way to officially begin the unofficial kickoff of Summer as any that comes to my mind.  


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