Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Upward Go The Zippers...

Politics is the strife of interests 
Masquerading as a contest of Principles.
- Ambrose Bierce

I tend to be a tough critic of this state's Governor (a Republican) and the President of the State Senate (a Democrat), who is his primary sparring partner, especially over the ham-handed way they have teamed up to deprive the Supreme Court of New Jersey of its full complement of seven justices for the past six years.  Yesterday, dawn finally broke at long last in the sky above the pier where Frick and Frack have stood side-by-side in the darkness for that past six years commenting upon the water's temperature as well as its depth.  The logjam has been broken at long last.  

The New Jersey State Senate shall take up the nomination of the Governor's newest nominee to the Court, Walter Timpone.  If confirmed, which he shall likely be, Justice Timpone shall sit as the seventh member of our State's Supreme Court.  Having seven actual members of the Court shall be a nice change of pace for those of us who earn our living in the State's civil and/or criminal justice system and shall put an end to the use of an Appellate Division judge being "temporarily assigned" to fill out the Court, which practice has been in vogue for such a lengthy period of time it has evoked memories of "Permanent Guest Host" status during Johnny Carson's reign on The Tonight Show.   

Better late than never, boys.  At some juncture I hope that the Governor, the State Senate President, or both takes the time to personally apologize to Judge David Bauman, who sits in Monmouth County and who was the Governor's doomed nominee to the Court on two separate occasions, the second such one having occurred earlier this year.  Judge Bauman deserved a better fate than having what would like have been the crowning achievement of his professional career turned into political sport.  

Maybe in his next lifetime.

Until then, how about a song...


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