Monday, April 18, 2016

Twenty and Out

And now the tapering begins.  Brooke and I put forth a hell of an effort yesterday in the final on-course training run for this year's New Jersey Marathon.  We were two of approximately three dozen hardy souls who descended on Long Branch by 7:00 yesterday morning for the purpose of participating in one last twenty-mile training run.  

This is her first go at this distance.  Her enthusiasm and her ability are infectious.  We completed twenty miles in a bit more than three hours and six minutes.  Our per mile pace was slightly more than ten minutes.  For Meb or Shalane Flanagan that would be cause for concern.  For me it is a cause for celebration.  And it is a result that would not have been attainable without the Blonde Bomber.  She literally and figuratively carried my old bones the last couple of miles.

Two weeks to go.  Ready or not, here we come.


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