Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Illusions of Time and Distance

I know not who was the original declarant of, "How time flies when you are having fun!" but he or she did not understate the point.  It seemed to me as if Margaret and I just strolled up the jet-way at DIA upon our arrival in Colorado.  Yet, today, already, we shall stroll down the jet-way in a few short hours on our way back home to the State of Concrete Gardens.  

It has been - as it always is - great to see Rob and Jess and to spend time with them in a setting a bit more relaxed than the holiday-themed crucible that is their annual Christmas jaunt to Jersey. Colorado is a place that I have loved since before either my son or my daughter-in-law was born. While I wish it was closer to New Jersey, especially during football season, I recognize that it is precisely where it is supposed to be.  It is precisely where Jess and Rob need it to be.  And may it always be so.  

Until the next time...


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