Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One Last Round of Umbrella Drinks

Our weekend in Colorado with Rob and Jess was crammed full of great times.  It was as enjoyable a weekend as I have spent in quite some time.  We do not see the Colorado branch of the family business nearly as frequently as we might like, which means that from their perspective we probably descend upon them just about as much as they can stand.  I kid.  As far as I could tell, all four of us basked in the happiness of this weekend equally.  

Among the really cool activities that Rob and Jess had set up for us to participate in as part of the celebration of Rob's birthday was an Escape Room.  Neither Margaret nor I had ever taken part in such an endeavor.  It was a blast.  And thanks to their proper planning and making sure to invite their friends Heather, Reed, and Mike to participate along with us (along with Heather's mom - whose name I am embarrassed to admit I cannot recall), we actually solved all of the puzzles.  All of them - and with a whole two minutes to spare!  I assure you that had you been with us inside of the rooms (one of the wrinkles in this particular Escape Room is that by solving one of the puzzles you actually open up the door to a second room...and more puzzles) for the fifty-eight minutes that we spent in solving mode, you would have been quite impressed. 

So here is my Michelin/Zagat/AAA recommendation should your travels take you to Fort Collins, Colorado:  book some time with the good people who run the Somewhere Secret Escape Game.  You will be glad you did...

...whether or not you enjoy getting caught in the rain.

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