Saturday, April 16, 2016

Music's Something in the Air

April is proving to be the gift that just keep on giving.  Not only was yesterday NOT Tax Day but today is Record Store Day.  If you are an audiophile, it is your chance to spend on yourself today some of that hard-earned scratch that you did not have to share with everyone's neediest Uncle yesterday.  

And boy oh boy are there a lot of interesting things upon which you can spend some of that aforementioned hard-earned scratch.   The list that you can access through that link is the list of music that is available only today and only at a participating store.  There is also a list of really, really hard to find Record Store Day-exclusive releases and a list of releases that will be available in other places in a month of so but, today, can only be found at a record store that is taking part in Record Store Day.  

If you live here in the State of Concrete Gardens, then you have a wide variety of stores that you can visit in search of vinyl treasures, which list you can access here.  If you are in or near Woodbridge Township, then pop into Vintage Vinyl.  If you are in or near Summit, then call upon the good folks at Scotti's Records.  If you have ambition, a bit of time to devote to browsing, and a full tank of gas, then visit both and/or any of the countless other independent record stores taking part in the promotion.  


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