Thursday, April 28, 2016 Fifteen Words

Monday afternoon, as I was sitting at my desk eating a bit of lunch and drinking the day's umpteenth cup of coffee, I scrolled through Twitter in search of articles from political pundits and their ilk regarding the unholy Cruz-Kasich alliance.  Unholy may be too strong a term but it has been more than three-quarters of a century since the world has been privy to quite such a well-publicized non-aggression pact...and based upon how well that one worked out for all concerned, you will forgive me if I favor the gentleman from Michigan over either the gentleman from Ohio or the gentleman from Texas. 

While I was engaging in my "Twitter catch-up" I came across a tweet the subject of which eludes my memory but which tweet was linked to a quote attributed to the late Kurt Cobain.  Not only was I totally unfamiliar with the quote but I am almost entirely unfamiliar with his music, including but not limited to that which he made with Nirvana.  I am fairly confident that I never heard a single bit of Nirvana's music (at least if I did I did not recognize it as such) until young Mr. Cobain took his own life, at which time his music was obsequious.  He was twenty-seven years old.  

Regardless of the depth and breadth of my knowledge of his music, or lack thereof, I nevertheless have found him - as I have read about him over the course of the past twenty-plus years - to be a rather interesting and principled fellow.  Flawed?  You bet.  But then again, who among us is not.  If you - on the other hand - raised your hand, then be advised that what you smell burning is the cuffs on your pants.  You might want to get a handle on that situation before the lyrics to Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song" take on an entirely new meaning for you.  

Irrespective of whether the Seattle grunge scene was/is your "thing" musically, it seems to me that you are doing a disservice to yourself and to this life that you have been given the chance to live if these words do not speak to you philosophically...

A promise to one's self worth making, worth honoring, and worth keeping.  Not just today but every day thereafter.   


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