Saturday, April 9, 2016

If Not At Home Then Where Exactly Would You Try This?

No doubt - at least in part - due to the fact that last week was an abbreviated work week, this week moved with as little alacrity as a middle-aged ham and egg runner covering the final mile in a marathon, a remark that I shall resemble three weeks hence.  For whatever the reason, this week moved at a clip that could fairly be called interminable.  My reservoir, which has a puddle-like depth on its best days, is bone dry.  I got nothing.  

But then again...

If you are/were a fan of the late, great Rodney Dangerfield (I probably just revealed where I stand on the whole "fan" issue), then I presume that you have seen Back to School at least once.  And presuming I am correct, then I presume that I am also correct regarding your appreciation of the difficulty associated with trying to stick the landing of the dive known as "the Triple Lindy":  

The spirit of Thornton Melon is alive and well - at least in the World Adult Kickball Association ("WAKA"): 

Apparently the stakes in kickball have been raised a tick or two since I last played it in Doug Anderson's gym class during my senior year at W-H.   Back then, my motivation was to end the game as quickly as possible so that Dave Joy, Mark Bowman, and I could catch a ride with Mr. A. to the Dunkin' Donuts on Park Avenue for a mid-morning cup of Joe and a nosh.  

As much as I love coffee, I am quite confident I would not have risked "Turf Ass" simply for the chance to drink a cup.  Dylan was right.  The times are a-changing.  Indeed they are. 

Enjoy your Saturday.  

Be careful out there. 



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