Friday, April 1, 2016

Gifts and Presence

The younger of the two adults f/k/a children turns thirty today.  As a man whose father died when I was fourteen, the notion of having a son who is, himself, all grown up is both satisfying and a bit anxiety-inducing.  Dispensing meaningful fatherly advice has never been my strong suit and for a number of years now, Rob and I have been operating in this arena without a net in that I have not had any "When I was your age, my dad told me..." memories upon which to draw.  Then again, that might explain why it is he is such a well-adjusted, fully-functional man. Well that and the absence of any of my DNA to fuck him up.  

Our shared love of Springsteen - unquestionably the single-most important and longest-lasting gift I ever bestowed upon him - created an opportunity for the Missus and me to awaken this morning in Colorado and to spend Rob's birthday with him -and with his beautiful missus, Jess.  We do not get out this way as often as we would like (but probably more than enough from the perspective of our son and daughter-in-law), yet every time we are here for a visit, I am moved by the same, unmistakable feeling, which is that this is where Rob has found peace.  Not simply within the four walls of the home that he and Jess (and Tillie) have built, but within this world, within this day-to-day.  

May he continue to wish big and may the peace that he has found remain with him today, tomorrow, and always...


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