Wednesday, April 20, 2016

For Those Who Need Help To Remember Our Dreams

You don't remember your dreams, do you? 
- Big Head Todd and the Monsters

I was probably twenty or twenty-one years old when I first heard Big Head Todd & the Monsters play music live.  I was a student at CU - as were all of the members (Todd Park Mohr, Rob Squires, and Brian Nevin) of what was then a three-piece band.  "Back in the day" - as no kid anywhere says any longer - as they built their following on the local club and frat party scene - they played a lot of cover songs.  I do not pretend to be the Dean of the College of Musical Knowledge but even I could tell that these three were not simply killing time with the music stuff while pursuing their college degrees. They were simply that good.  I still have somewhere in our basement my cassette of Another Mayberry, their debut album that was released in the Spring of 1989, shortly before I graduated from CU, which I purchased of course at Albums on the Hill in Boulder.

Almost three decades further on up the road, they still are a tremendous listen.  Rob sent me a text message the other evening telling me that their new tune, "Wipeout Turn" is his new favorite song, which is damn high praise indeed, coming as it does from my son whose musical palate is far better-developed than mine has ever been or shall ever be.  His recommendation prompted me to check it out.  

Boy, am I glad that I did.   

Candidly, if you have no history with this band, as I do and as a number of my fellow Buffs from the mid-to-late 1980's do also, I know not whether this song shall pick you up and deposit you at a particular place in time along the continuum of your personal history.  I suspect that it shall.  And I suspect that when you arrive at that particular place, your face shall be wearing a smile.  

Maybe, just maybe, there shall be at least one dream of yours feared long lost to the ravages of time and distance that you are suddenly much better able to remember.  And if there is, then was the journey not worth the investment of time necessary to complete it?


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