Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fast Asleep by the Fire Side


Today is Primary Day in New York.  Unless the polls are incredibly off, it appears as if Mrs. Clinton shall emerge victorious in her party's primary and Mr. Trump shall do likewise in his party's.  Here in the State of Concrete Gardens, Primary Day is June 7.  Rare is the year in which the New Jersey Primary is of any significance whatsoever to the candidates in either party.  In this election cycle, however, it is an important election for the GOP candidates and, possibly, for the Democratic candidates also.  Only five months separate New Jersey's Primary Election from Election Day in November.  Five short months. 

The weather this past weekend was so incredibly nice that not even the specter of one of the Not-Quite-Fantastic-Five's ascendancy to the office of the Presidency of the United States could put a damper on it.  Sunday was an ideal weather day on which to embark upon a twenty-mile training run. It was warm but not hot.  I cannot lie and proclaim that I enjoyed the steady 5-10 mile per hour wind blowing out of the northeast that challenged Brooke and me all the way north from Asbury Park to Long Branch on the inward leg of our run but, all in all, even it was a small price to pay.  

I spent a few hours at the office on Saturday morning and then - on my way home from the office - ran a few errands, which I completed shortly after noon.  Once I arrived home, I turned my afternoon into an excuse to spend it in the backyard with Rosie.  Margaret was out with Suzanne so - under the watchful eye of my faithful canine companion - I set up all of our patio furniture, cleaned our grills, and otherwise prepared the backyard for Spring.  

Mission accomplished, I grabbed the book I am currently reading, pulled up a chair on the patio, and read for a couple of hours while Rosie napped away the afternoon a few feet away.  Neither of us spent more than about five consecutive minutes inside from shortly after twelve noon until shortly after five o'clock, which is when we finished grilling the London Broil that Joe, Margaret, and I ate for dinner.  I man the grill.  Rosie supervises the entire food-preparation process and tests small sample-sized pieces to ensure that the food is ready to be served. 

The Yankees played an early afternoon game against the Mariners in the Bronx on Saturday and the Rangers played a late afternoon playoff game against the Penguins in Pittsburgh.  I watched neither.  Instead I spent a few hours that were as spectacular as they were uneventful soaking up a bit of sun, breathing in a bit of comfortably warm fresh air, and enjoying the company of my long-haired, furry friend.  

She enjoyed it, I think, as much as I.  

"My Dog and Me"
- John Hiatt


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