Sunday, April 17, 2016

Deal or No Deal

Two weeks from today is the 2016 New Jersey Marathon.  This morning, I shall accompany Brooke (a/k/a "the Blonde Bomber") on the final "long" training run of this training cycle.  We shall avail ourselves again this morning - as we did one Saturday last month - of the chance to acquaint ourselves with the course by participating in the on-course 20-mile training run.  Although this is the fourth time I have run this race, I had not taken part in the organized training runs that the folks who put on the race offer until this year.  I am sorry that it took me until this year to recognize their value.

This year shall mark the first time that I shall not participate in the Unite Half-Marathon at Rutgers University.  My running companera Gidg shall be among the several thousand runners taking part in that always excellent event.  I am pleased to see that she shall have as beautiful a morning to traverse the Rutgers campus from one bank of the old Rar-i-tan to the other as Brooke and I shall have as we endure the spiritual wasteland known as Deal.  



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