Monday, April 11, 2016

Danny's Boy

I know next to nothing about golf.  My father-in-law Joe and Margaret's uncle, Uncle Mike, both play the game, watch it on television regularly, and argue about it passionately.  Truth be told, I cannot tell one player on the PGA Tour from another.  That being said, I pay attention to the year's big events - including the Masters, which was contested this weekend at Augusta National.  

This year's winner - in what my two authorities assure me was more than a little bit of of a surprise - was a British golfer, Danny Willett.  It turns out that Willett is only the second British golfer to ever win the Masters - and the first one who is not named Nick Faldo.  Willett, who at 28 is practically a senior citizen in comparison to Jordan Spieth, the defending champ who experienced a Greg Norman moment on the 12th hole to turn a comfortable lead into a deficit from which he never recovered.  

It also turns out that Danny Willett is a first-time father.  His wife, Nicole, just had the couple's first baby.  Apparently, her due date was yesterday.  Although Willett had qualified for the Masters - he is apparently the 12th-ranked golfer in the world - he decided that missing Augusta was more important than missing the birth of his first child.  He told Nicole that he was not going to travel to the States for the Masters if the baby arrived as scheduled.  The newest Willett's desire to see what this world was all about - and his refusal to wait until his scheduled arrival date to start checking it out for himself - permitted his Pop to spend this past weekend earning a living.  

Good thing too.  Diapers and formula certainly do not pay for themselves.  


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