Tuesday, March 29, 2016

We're Not Little Children

On some great and glorious day, 
the plain folks of the land
will reach their heart's desire at last, 
and the White House will be adorned
by a downright moron.
- H.L. Mencken

If biting satire, political and otherwise, is not your thing, then I presume you are not a member of your local chapter of the H.L. Mencken Fan Club.  No matter.  More coffee and crumb cake for me at the next meeting.

Election Day is slightly more than seven months away.  Yet, given the banal, crass, and never-ending nature of the primary campaigns, Election Day has now acquired the distinction of being something that cannot get here soon enough and something that seems as if it shall never get here.  Before you get too wedded to the former, remember that the prize that awaits us on the first Tuesday after the first Monday this November is (in all likelihood) one of the five combatants still alive and breathing on the primary campaign trail.  

If in spite of that thought you are able to sleep through the night without incident, I implore you to send me a copy of your prescription and the name of the physician who wrote it for you so that I can get me some of that good stuff too.  I suspect that while a good buzz will not make what awaits us at the end of this particular journey any more palatable, it will at least add a dimension of pleasantness to it that has been, as of this point, conspicuous by its absence


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