Monday, March 28, 2016

The Return of an Old Friend

Here is a thought that either shall serve to warm the cockles of your heart or prompt you to book a visit to a cardiologist so that he or she can examine just what the hell the thing is in your chest that pumps blood throughout your body:  This week is the final "non-baseball" week on the calendar until at least late October.  

On Sunday, ball will indeed be played.  The third and final game of the day will be played Sunday night in Kansas City, Missouri.  The Kansas City Royals shall open defense of their World Series Championship when they host the New York Mets, who they defeated in a five-game Series that was far more competitive than a best-of-seven series that was decided in just five games might otherwise have appeared to be at first glance.    

I do my baseball rooting for the "other" New York team but I would be lying if I did not acknowledge - as a baseball fan - that I am looking forward to Matt Harvey toeing the rubber in KC on Sunday night and starting his '16 season against the last team he pitched against last season  - especially given the circumstances surrounding that outing.  Harvey is a young man who not only does not shy away from the spotlight and from pressure but, instead, runs towards them as quickly as he can.  I know not whether he will win or lose on Sunday night but I am confident in predicting that he will show up and he will compete.  

There is, indeed, new grass on the field.


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