Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Today is my favorite kind of Wednesday.  It is a Wednesday wearing the pants of a Friday - and they are shorts to boot! After putting in an exhausting half-day at the office, which at the risk of sounding entirely immodest still translates for me to a 7 to 8 hour day, I am playing hooky for the rest of the month.  Searching for a twinge of regret or remorse in my voice?  Keep searching.  It is not there to be found but whatever you need to do to fill up the old box score, go right ahead.

Later this afternoon the Missus and I are winging our way West to spend a few days with the Colorado branch office of the family business.  Considering we last saw Rob and Jess at Christmastime and then only for the typically abbreviated kind of visit associated with the Holidays, it shall be nice to spend a couple of days with them, catch up on their latest adventures, and enjoy some clean Colorado living.  Oh - and a little live Springsteen.  Did I forget to mention that?  My brain must already be on "vacation time". 

Enjoy your Wednesday.  I am certainly looking forward to mine. 


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