Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Slow-Moving Targets and Lightning Strikes

Considering I have a bit of skin in the game, you might presume that I keep track of things such as the fact that today is the day that the TCS New York City Marathon announces the results of its lottery for entry into the 2016 Marathon.  You might have presumed that I keep track of such things. You would have been incorrect.  Quite incorrect in fact.  Truth is, until I received an e-mail late yesterday afternoon from Brooke wishing Gidg and me luck in the drawing, I had zero idea of the date on which it occurs.  

Now I know. 

Full disclosure demands that I acknowledge while I had the time of my life completing the 2015 Marathon, had I not drawn a golden ticket in the lottery, I would not have participated in the event.  This year, if the luck of the Irish is not with me, it matters not in terms of my commitment to participate in the 2016 Marathon.  My running companera, Gidg (who also awaits word from the lottery gods today) turns "50" this year, which she shall do within days of this year's Marathon.  Thus, whether one or both of us is a lottery winner or one or both of us is a participant through our participation on a charitable, fund-raising team, both of us shall spend a considerable portion of November's first Sunday toeing the blacktop of the five boroughs of New York City. 

It is a hell of a day - Marathon Sunday.  And the first step towards the finish line in Central Park is taken today...

...even by those of us who are too damn stupid to pay attention to such a thing. 


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