Saturday, March 19, 2016

Off and Running

Much to do today - not the least of which is driving down to Long Branch so that I can run a 17-mile training run on the New Jersey Marathon's course with the Marathon Amazon herself, Brooke.  On May 1 she is making her maiden voyage in the New Jersey Marathon so I thought it best that she have the chance to check out the course in advance.  Hopefully, it will make it easier for her to deal with just how unbelievably boring the course is on the trek up and down Ocean Avenue between Long Branch and Asbury Park. 

Since time is short, let me - a registered Republican - ask a quick question on my way out the door (open to anyone of any political persuasion):   If all of us (the American people) deserve a voice in determining who shall next join the Supreme Court of the United States (you know, the way it has always worked for more than two centuries), then why are the people in charge of the Republican Party falling all over themselves in an effort to silence that very same voice's participation in the GOP's Presidential nomination process (you know, the way it has worked for the past couple of centuries). 

Feel free to discuss among yourselves.  I have a date with a long run.


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