Thursday, March 10, 2016

Of Lucky Ladies & Monsters in Need of Stomping

Tuesday was "Drawing Day" for the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon.  It was on Tuesday that anyone who had completed an entry for the Marathon Lottery learned his/her fate.  Last year I was lucky enough to hold one of the golden tickets.  This year I was not.  

Such is life in the big city - and what city is bigger (in every sense of the word) than New York City? While I was disappointed that Lady Luck disregarded Sky Masterson's heart-felt plea

(at least with regard to me) I was beyond thrilled to learn from Kara, my sister, that she was among the almost-twenty thousand runners upon whom luck's light did indeed shine.  She will have the time of her life on November 6, 2016.  The time of her life. 

And I am pleased to report that I shall have the chance to share the experience with her, as shall my running companera, Gidg.  The two of us are lucky enough to be running in the 2016 NYC Marathon as part of Team Stomp The Monster.  Stomp The Monster is a New Jersey-based, not-for-profit charitable organization with one simple, beautiful mission:   It provides financial support and other support to cancer patients, their families, and their caregivers when it is needed the most - during their fight with the disease.  We promote a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise, leading by example, and provide funding for potential advances in prevention and treatment.  

Thus, unlike last year when the only goal of my Marathon journey was to make it to Margaret and the finish line in Central Park alive (and before darkness), this year Gidg and I shall hoof it through the City in support of Stomp The Monster and the good works performed by its good folks and on behalf of good folks.  For if there is a Monster that needs to be stomped today, tomorrow, and on Marathon Sunday, it is cancer.  

Over the course of the next several months, I shall run the risk of making you angry by the number of times I mention this particular mission and the number of times that I provide a link to my fundraising page, on which you can help me help Team STM help others in need of assistance.  Perhaps your anger shall be assuaged by the fact that any help you are able to provide is appreciated, beyond my limited ability to express.  




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