Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nothing Without Effort

"Tada gan iarracht"
("Nothing without Effort")

For a man who is an unapologetic, unrepentant asshole I have made out far better than I have had any reasonable to expect.  I am married to a woman who is now wholly and completely out of my league. I have two grown children who are remarkably well-functioning, productive adults and who are married to two equally well-functioning, productive adults, none of which I am positioned to take credit for - but for the fact that I (along with Bob) walked Suzanne down the aisle on her wedding day.  

I am a man of few friends, an agreement arrived upon for the mutual benefit of the world and me.  I am fortunate though that I count among them, a number of truly extraordinary individuals.  One of them is celebrating a birthday today.  I would give her grief about the age she has now attained except 75% of the time I am thirty-one days older than she is.  This year?  I am thirty-two.  Luckily for her, being a bit of a brainiac she learned a lifetime ago that I am one elder upon whom her time should not be wasted extending respect. 

To me, being a bit of a simpleton, the always-interesting thing about life is that big moments do not always come wrapped in shiny paper and adorned with a bow and a sign declaring them to be a "BIG MOMENT'.  In my experience, far more often than not, they simply arrive disguised as regular, everyday moments.  And they are provided to us by individuals whose civilian garb conceals the superhero contained within. 

Well, on most occasions anyway...

...Happy Birthday LLIJ.  Remember, make that inhale a good one.  Forty-nine is an adult-sized number of candles. 


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