Monday, March 21, 2016

No Small Achievement

Spring got off to a bit of an auspicious debut in these parts.  Fear not.  By the end of this week, temperatures here in the State of Concrete Gardens are expected to be in the 60's.  This latest act of weather drama is not likely to have any staying power.   While I prefer a dearth of wintry weather, if I have to experience it, then this "Reader's Digest Condensed" version is the way to go.  

Fortunately, winter's last hurrah waited until Spring's first day to arrive.  While it was a bit cold on Saturday morning in Long Branch, the conditions for a seventeen-mile training run on the New Jersey Marathon's course were actually quite good.  Brooke and I had one hell of a run.  We put up fifteen miles at an average clip of 9:35 per mile.  But for a bit of a cramp behind my left knee slowing us down the final mile and a half we might have covered all seventeen at that pace.  As it was, we went seventeen miles in less than three hours.  

Considering that neither of us ever runs with anyone, our first effort at running together was an unqualified success.  Running seventeen miles at one time is not easy.  But on Saturday it was fun, which it usually is not.  Even running through Deal twice did not suck.  And if you have ever run through Deal then you know that is no small achievement.  


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