Thursday, March 24, 2016

Never Been Kissed

After taking three complete days off, which time was not solely so that all of those whose March Madness Brackets became suitable for recycling late Friday afternoon could compose themselves, the 2016 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament resumes tonight.  The sixteen sweetest Division I hoops teams in all the land shall be reduced by a quarter (how appropriate is that - perhaps not at all in a sport in which they play halves) by night's end.  By the time Friday night greets Saturday morning, the field will be pared by four again.  And by the time the groundhog sees his shadow on Monday morning, there will be but four teams left standing. 

My Alma mater lost its first game - last Thursday - so I have no rooting interest in this year's tournament any longer - although I will be very happy for my son-in-law, Ryan, if his Villanova Wildcats manage to emerge victorious from the South Region.  In order to do so, Villanova needs to defeat Miami tonight and then - on Saturday - the survivor of tonight's Kansas / Maryland game. 

If you believe in form and order, then the West Region is the region for you.  It is the only Region in which each of the top four seeds remains alive (although #1 seed Oregon tried very hard to lose its second-round game against St. Joseph's).  Tonight, the top-seeded Ducks play #4 seed Duke in one semi-final while the second seed and the third seed, Oklahoma and Texas A&M, resume hostilities in the other.  In the event that you are the one person in the nation who does not yet root against Duke (Mrs. Coach K is exempted from this list), then here something that might bring you around to the correct way of thinking:  Duke star (and anti-hero) Grayson Allen bears a rather striking resemblance to Ted Cruz.    

Margaret will be happy after tonight's round of games is completed.  Unlike Ryan, she has no rooting interest in the outcome of the games.  And unlike millions of Americans, she has no betting interest in the outcome of the games either.  In fact, she has zero interest in them altogether.  Were they not being broadcast tonight on CBS beginning at 7:00 PM here in the East, then she would not care where or when they were played. But with Jay Wright and Melo Tremble occupying space typically occupied on a Thursday night by Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz, she cares quite a lot about them.  

And not in a good way either.  Something much more akin to the second kind of dumb of which Old George spoke in Hoosiers...


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