Friday, March 4, 2016

At the Point of Intersection Between Hypocrisy and Meteorology

I am a a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to March snow.  I loathe snow but when it falls in March I tend to loathe it a little bit less - for no reason other than I have less respect for March snow than I do for its January or February brethren.  Whether Mother Nature has conjured up one more iteration of Snowmageddon for us or whether it shall be something far less sinister I know not.  All I know - and all that I rely upon to keep me warm - is the fact that it is already March and regardless of what that mean-spirited woman does to us, Spring's arrival is approximately two weeks away.  

So, if you are somewhere here within the geographical boundaries of the State of Concrete Gardens or somewhere else altogether different and you awakened this morning to find snow ensconced on the ground outside your window or to find it hurtling downward out of the sky, hang in there.  March snow is the meteorological equivalent of Mitt Romney:  A pathetically-desperate attention-seeker of limited substance and even less staying power.  

Here is a sure-fire tip for enjoying this weekend - regardless of the weather.  Ignore Mitt Romney and, instead, allow Jennifer Garner to read you a bedtime story.  It is a decision that you shall not regret.  



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