Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Word of Thanks

First things first:  Thank you.  

It was one week ago that I accepted the opportunity to run the 2016 New York City Marathon as a member of Team STOMP THE MONSTER, which is a Jersey-based charitable organization that provides cancer patients, their families, and their caretakers with the assistance they need, financial, emotional, and otherwise, while they battle against the insidious, relentless enemy that is cancer.  

Inextricably intertwined with the acceptance of the responsibility to be part of Team STM is the responsibility to raise money for the organization.  I am a person who is loathe to ask for assistance for any reason.  I can think of no one thing that makes me more uncomfortable than asking another person for money - even if the money requested is not for me but is for a third-party.  Yet, to honor my commitment to Team STM I have done just that.  Hell, I have even gone as far as to employ an utterly adorable photo of Rosalita with her Sue's Crew hat as part of my fundraising pitch. Shameless?  Perhaps, but being a lawyer, shameless is not exactly hard for me to pull off.  

In just one week, through the generosity of family and friends, an already significant amount of money has been raised and has been donated to Team STM by the aforementioned family and friends on my behalf.  I say thank you because I am rendered effectively speechless - as does not happen nearly as often as those of me who spend their day within earshot of me wishes it would - and unable to say anything else to adequately express how I feel.  

It is a sentiment worth repeating, and I shall (so be prepared!) in the days and weeks ahead.  Thank you for focusing on the message and overlooking the wart-festooned exterior of the messenger.  

2016 New York City Marathon


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