Friday, March 18, 2016

A Temporal State of Sadness

I had a bit of a distracted day yesterday. While slogging through a number of things on my "to-do" list, I also kept apace of what was happening in the NCAA Tournament Game between my beloved Colorado Buffaloes and the Connecticut Huskies.  If this was the year that the rules governing basketball had been changed so that the winner of a game was declared at halftime, then the Buffs would be preparing for their second-round game on Saturday.  

They do not.  

Therefore, they shall not. 

I recognize that there are grown-ups in the world who live and die with the fortunes and misfortunes of young people a generation - at least - their junior.  I am not such a grown-up.  I root for the young men and women who take on the responsibility and the challenge of wearing the colors of my Alma mater because having played competitive sports a lifetime ago (albeit only as far as on the high school level), I appreciate the amount of time and energy they dedicate to the pursuit of their own dreams.  

And here is the thing - and to me there is no other way to look at it:  It is their dream.  Simply having a framed diploma on the wall of my office and a ring on the ring finger of my right hand from the same university that they presently attend does not give me license to live my life vicariously through them.  All it gives me is a reason to applaud their results when they triumph and to praise their efforts, irrespective of the outcome.  

For an old curmudgeon like me that is more than I could otherwise hope to be entitled and it is more than enough...

Coach Tad Boyle - 03/17/16
(U Conn 74, CU 67)

...well that and a little bit of faith. 


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