Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Party Way Down Beneath the Neon Lights

Ah, Thursday.  

One of the two best parts of my typical Thursday is reading the new edition of The Coast Star, which I have delivered to me electronically.  It provides, for my money, the best bang for my buck in terms of permitting me to stay apprised of the goings on at the beach, in Lake Como as well as in our neighboring communities.  The other best part of my typical Thursday is relaxing at home with Margaret and watching The Big Bang Theory.   Life in the fast lane. That's how we roll.  

Today, although a Thursday, is a delightfully atypical one.  Rather than spend a portion of my morning with my reading glasses on perusing the latest news from the Shore, I shall spend it with my running sunglasses on, perusing the sights and sounds of Fort Collins, Colorado.  We arrived in Denver last night and today is the first day of our "vacationette".  I am very much looking forward to spending the day with Rob and Jess but one of my favorite things about where it is they live is how many great places there are to run in and around Fort Collins.  I shall reacquaint myself with several miles worth of them bright and early this morning.

This evening, instead of watching The Big Bang Theory with Rosie, Dempsey, and Tobias ("Never Toby"), Margaret and I will ride south to Denver with Rob and Jess and watch Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  This is the second time that the four of us have seen Springsteen and his band of merry men in concert in Denver.  Tonight's show should be extraordinary as its focal point shall be the performance of all twenty tracks from The River in the order in which they appear on the double album.   I had the pleasure of seeing Bruce and the Band exactly two months ago in Newark.  I am looking forward very much to sharing this particular live music experience with Rob, Jess, and Margaret. 


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