Friday, March 25, 2016

A Jersey Tale

In the Roman Catholic Church, today is Good Friday, which might be the only Friday on which  shouting, "TGIF!" is entirely inappropriate - not to mention abjectly stupid and dated - and is frowned upon just as much as driving to work with a "Pontius is my co-Pilate" bumper sticker on your ride.   Just say "No".  

In the spirit of the holiday, both Catholic and Cadbury, I give you evidence of Easter, Jersey Style (as well as a Proof of Life video for New York TV news veteran Magee Hickey):

As luck would have it, the Battling Bunny (Kassim Charles) and the angry father with whom he traded punches (Juan Jiminez-Gerrero) both had outstanding warrants, which the police became aware of when they processed the two combatants after their tussle.  Kassim Charles's (a/k/a "the Bunny") outstanding warrant was for "fare-hopping".   

Every so often, the material writes itself.   One might even call it a miracle. 

Cue the horn-playing angel...


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