Sunday, February 7, 2016

While Somewhere Danno Smiles...

If it's the Ultimate Game, then why
Are they playing it again next year?
- Duane Thomas

Forty-six years after the then-rookie running back for the Dallas Cowboys posed that question to members of the media gathered for Super Bowl V in Miami, the National Football League shall crown this year's World Champion in Super Bowl 50, which shall be played this evening in Santa Clara, California.  Is it an indictment of the American educational system that this year - for the first time in L editions of the Super Bowl - the NFL has abandoned the use of the Roman numeral?  

I cannot help but wonder how they might have identified this year's game had Anne Coulter brought the issue of the NFL's use of Arabic numerals to the attention of her audience.  Eighty-seven Republican debates thus far this Presidential election season and that issue never came up once.  

Thankfully - if for no other reason than to spare us all having to have it made into a plank of the GOP platform at this summer's Republican National Convention - this year appears to be a numerical aberration.  The NFL's concern about our collective aptitude was confined to this year apparently.  Someone in the League office was concerned that people reading "Super Bowl L" might mistakenly think that the Super Bowl had managed to get itself shitfaced and had started slurring its speech, including its own name.  

Thus, a year from now, when the NFL crowns its World Champion, the game in which that champion shall be so crowned is a game that shall, once again, be identified by Roman numerals.  If the New York Jets fail to avail themselves of this cannot-miss marketing opportunity as a way to arouse the interest of their fan base for the 2016-17 season, then they have no one but themselves to blame:

Jet Li - "Unleashed" 

Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday.  I have zero rooting interest in anything other than Carolina - as often as possible - having a score that ends in a "5" at the same time as Denver has a score that ends in a "2" - for each and every time that magical combination appears on the scoreboard, it earns me $250.00.  



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