Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Today is Tomorrow

The two best things about Groundhog Day are (in no particular order):  (1) the indomitable Joanie K., the toughest, most ornery Irish woman ever born refused to allow some sissy-ass doctor to make it my birthday; and (2) Groundhog Day, one of the all-time great films and, sadly, the final collaboration between Bill Murray and his long-time creative cohort, Harold Ramis.  

Groundhog Day is, for me at least, a pitch-perfect movie because it deftly handles a scenario to which I can relate and to which, I presume, you can as well.  Irrespective of where we are in our life or what we are doing, we are likely to confront a time or two when we feel not that we have settled into a nice, comfortable groove but, rather, that we have descended into a deep, inescapable rut.  

It is a feeling that - when it comes - can be equal parts terrifying and infuriating...although in Bill Murray's hands, it is also extremely goddamned funny.

Thus far, each time that has happened to me, I have extricated myself from it.  If it has happened to you, then I hope that you have been similarly able to wrest yourself from its grasp.  In the movie, Phil Connors finally figures it out.  His reward for his breakthrough?  A brand-new, as-yet-to-be-unwrapped day...

...and Andie McDowell.  

Today is tomorrow.  That is one hell of a good thing.  


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