Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Time Better Spent Bangin' on the Bongos

I shoulda learned to play the guitar
I shoulda learned to play them drums
Look at that mama, she's got stickin' in the camera
Man, we could have some fun.
- Dire Straits

I must confess that in the several months he spent (wasted) pursuing the GOP nomination for the office of President of the United States, I paid little attention to Jeb Bush's campaign.  Perhaps that was because it seemed to me to be a notion that was equal parts fanciful and arrogant - the very thought that the American people would elect a third Bush as President - especially when the electorate's recollection of his older brother's time in office remains indelible almost eight years after it ended.  

The one part of Jeb's campaign that I am sorry I paid zero attention to was the use of an exclamation point on his signage and on his posters.  Ain't no excitement quite like manufactured excitement I reckon.  On second thought, perhaps it is not quite the lead-pipe cinch winning formula Jeb! and his advisors apparently believed it would be.  Not for him anyway.  

Now that his campaign "has been suspended" (I do adore the 21st century and the fact that Presidential candidates no longer drop out of the race but instead simply "suspend my campaign"), I would invite anyone who has even a passing interest in such things to spend a few minutes reading this piece from the New York Times.    The answer to the question, "How does one spend $130 Million in less than eight months and end up with nothing at all to show for it?" appears to be, "not very wisely." $84 Million spent on "Positive Advertising"?  If you need any further proof just how well that expenditure did not serve Jeb!'s interests, take another look at the Times' article.  Focus your attention on the photo at the top of the piece, which was taken while Jeb! was speaking at a forum in South Carolina.   Notice the apparent amount of disconnect on the faces of the two women (the one wearing what appears to be a life preserver on top of her "t-shirt by Sharpie" and the one seated to her immediate left - to the right of her in the photo - wearing the blue shirt) and the sign at the feet of Sharpie woman?  Each woman is wearing the expression of a person who is where they are at that moment in time because (a) they are being held at gunpoint; or (b) they called "Heads" and the quarter came up "Tails".  

It turned out that Jeb!'s appeal was only two-dimensional and that the return achieved on his investment in a Presidential campaign was, to be kind, underwhelming.  Weep not for him though.  For it is not as if the $130 Million through which he pissed was his.  

It rarely, if ever, is. 

Money for nothing.  Same as it always was...


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