Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Prophetess Mary Lou & the Breaking of the Rule of Thumb

I am neither a fan of the sequel nor one who tends to write them.  As a rule of thumb, the sequel never fails to disappoint.  Grease 2, really?  

Every now and again, however, something happens that reinforces what my great-grandfather Phineas taught me about the exception functioning as proof of the rule.  Such a thing happened - just this week in fact.  

You are forgiven if you do not recall the fact that approximately six weeks ago, in this very corner of Prince Albert of the Valley's virtual sandbox, I wrote of Navajo Code Talker Dan Klee and his hoped-for return to the house that he and Margaret, his wife, had been forced to vacate six years ago when it became uninhabitable.   Through the extraordinary efforts of the Red Feather Development Group and people who donated time, money, resources, and/or all of the above, one week ago that for which the Klees had hoped became a reality.    

On Saturday, February 6, while countless millions around the United States were making their final preparations for Super Bowl festivities and Marco "Roboto" Rubio was memorizing his now infamous twenty-five second speech Dan and Margaret Klee did something immeasurably more important.  The Klees went home.    

2,200 volunteer hours,  $30,000 in donations, and $50,000 in material = fulfillment of an American Hero's greatest wish.  Dan Klee is ninety-four years old and he is not in the best of health.  How long he and Margaret shall have in the home that he built sixty years ago and in which they raised their children, I would not pretend to know.  And it matters not.  For whether their time there shall be measured in years or merely in days, it is time well-spent.  

Go figure.  Forty-three years later and Mary Lou has yet to be proven wrong.  The dope is that there's still hope.


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