Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Opiate of the Masses

The Missus and I saw "Spotlight" last night.  Whether it shall win the Academy Award tonight for "Best Picture" I cannot pretend to know.  I know simply that if you want to watch a cast of splendidly-talented actors, including a quartet of my favorites (Liev Schrieber, Michael Keaton, Stanley Tucci, and John Slattery) ply their craft in a well-written film that might well make you angry enough  - if you are a Roman Catholic - to ring the doorbell of your local Diocese and punch the Monsignor in the throat when he opens the door, then spend the $10.00 or so to see it.  It is a film that tells an important story and it tells it extraordinarily well.

As someone whose belief in God, having been substantially weakened on a May morning in 1981 when my fifty-seven-year-old father left our home in a body bag, was eviscerated altogether on a March evening in 1983 when  my fifty-four-year-old mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, I have been comfortably beyond the reach of organized religion's tentacles for close to thirty-five years.  Every now and again, however some pompous mother fucker from the Pointy Hat Squad does something to restore my faith in the curative power of the throat punch. 

In case you missed it, Archbishop Robert J. Carlson, the Pointy Hat Squad's PIC ("Phony In Charge") of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis, Missouri, has declared war on the Girl Scouts.  If one could even for a moment question his sincere belief in the correctness of his position when he wrote his February 18, 2016 letter to "Priests, Scout Leaders, and Faithful of the Archdiocese", then some of what is written there could be read as laugh lines.   Sadly, there is little doubt that Pompous Asshole Carlson (he signed the letter "Most Reverend", which when translated from Latin to English is "Pompous Asshole") wrote what he meant and meant what he wrote.  All humor, therefore, is unintentional.  That includes of course the Church's concern about the Girl Scouts' position on homosexual issues, which appears to run contrary to the Church's long-expressed position of implicitly endorsing it only if it involves a grown man forcing himself upon a boy too young or too powerless to consent.  Apropos of nothing, the statement that the Archdiocese of Saint Louis recently posted on its website ("Scouting and the Catholic Church") is a real hoot as well.   

Religion may reign forever as the opiate of the masses.  Out in America's Heartland, the Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson has made it goddamned clear that on his watch it shall not surrender its favored position to cookie-peddling little girls.  

Not even for a box of Thin Mints. 

Can I get an "Amen"? 


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